In this video blog Jason Labonte Interviews Automotive trainer Brendon Steckler

Hey guys jason labonte here with legendary automotive i'm with today's trainer brandon steckler and so some of the questions i have for you today uh one of them is how do you feel about events like this happening all over florida so how do you feel about events like this happening all over florida i'm really excited about this particularly since this is like an inaugural event for us i love the fact that we get technicians to come in on their free time with you hosting of course is absolutely commendable and phenomenal but to get techniques together in an atmosphere we can learn together at the same time as comrades rather than competition i think is phenomenal that's very very important absolutely help moving forward in the future helping us all be the best we can be as technicians for not only ourselves and our companies but for our customers as well for sure absolutely so what motivates you to be the best at what you do um i grew up by example watching people who knew what they were doing do a good job and i wanted to replicate that and going through the training i did and getting the help from all aspects of life that i have uh it only makes me to want to give back not only what i've taken but if i can give back more than i've taken that's my that's my motivation for me the best way to be awesome so training not only helps technicians and the shop but also the shop owner so if you were talking to a shop owner right now what are some of the opportunities that are offered for training like this i think it's a very fair question from from all perspectives but from the shop owner's perspective i understand when we shut down the shop and we take time to train production is the cost and if we lose production we lose revenue and and that doesn't help anybody however keep in mind we invest in tools we've got hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tools out in the shop to do our jobs that's where our hands work right but for all of us to use our hands we got to be able to use our mind so if we give the minds the tools it needs to work properly everything else is going to work great if we invest in our in our in our technicians um the turnaround is going to be much better the return on investment is going to be realized very swiftly great point that you just made there when you said invest in our technicians so you could almost argue the fact that training is almost one of the best tools the shop can have right i agree the tool between your ears is the one you're going to use most and anything you learn and retain no one can ever take away from you so being able to fortify yourself with the knowledge on how things work at the most basic level and apply that including things on how that specific car or vehicle operates you can figure almost anything out with the right tools great i think that'll do it thank you very much thanks