Jason Labonte Interviewing Shop Trainer John Forro

Hey guys jason here with legendary automotive truck service i'm here with our trainer for the day john furrow and basically i just wanted to ask a question of how is putting on a training event like this how would that help shop owners and technicians in our industry by doing something like this at their facility that's a great question you know i've been involved in the training in one aspect or another for decades at this point and that's a question that is different for every has a different answer for every particular shop owner but realistically i can sum it up by saying we know the industry is constantly evolving constantly changing the types of vehicles coming into your shop are different pretty much with almost every model here at this point so the need for training is usually not what's disputed between shop owners most of the defense shop owner has a fear that if they provide training for their technicians that the techs may end up leaving going to work for their competition and to address that concern or the shop owners it does usually cost a little bit of money to provide training for your techs but how much does it cost to not provide training for your techs how many comebacks how many how many turned away jobs dissatisfied customers everything else so and if you treat your employees correctly and you provide them with the training they they don't want to be stagnant in their careers they want to keep evolving along with the technology of the cars it's probably going to make them want to stay in to shop anyways so whether it's you providing the training or another shop owner in your area training is vitally important for the survival of the automotive industry otherwise you're going you're going to be dated and you know you're going to be working on cars that eventually you're going to be off the road so you've got to stay up on the latest changes absolutely i totally agree with some great points that were brought up and i thank you today for doing our event thank you i appreciate it thank you.