So the urgency of training technicians um all of us who own and run auto repair shops know how important it is to train technicians the main topic of conversation in our industry continues to revolve around the issue of finding qualified technicians and being able to adequately train them con their constant changes automobile technical training is not like a dental practice for example dental technology doesn't really change all that much the tools evolve slowly and teeth don't change at all but motor vehicles are totally different every year there's new technology sure tires are still made of rubber and the car still has brakes but systems are constantly changing there are fewer wires more computers voltage references and sensors it's unbelievable how complex vehicles have become but how accurate do we like need to be how skilled does a technician have to be well anybody can take something off and put it back on but the real skill comes about in being able to diagnose and be dead on the money right people in medical professions can make an incorrect diagnosis and it's just taken for granted let's say the treatment for they're doing treatment for a month and if it handles the problem the treatment could be in the neighborhood of two thousand dollars and people just accept it if it didn't work in the auto repair business though that would never fly we can't say we thought that 800 part would fix the car however it didn't that's one customer we've lost forever so this is where i want you to meet fast florida automotive service technician training in particular in my case i've needed staff it's hard to find somebody that has the adequate training it costs a shop a lot it costs production a lot when you take technicians out to train them what if you are able to train your technicians without sending them away how would that change things for you and your shop introducing fast automotive service technician training through this program you can hire a training that will help you train your technicians right in your shop fast aims to unite shop owners trainers and technicians to provide adequate training for technicians in our industry will not only help you in your shop but with your community and even across the state of florida the program is quickly spreading across the country the mission of fast is to produce automotive repair training courses and information for the automotive aftermarket providing current and future shop owners and repair technicians the highest level of technical training available fast produces automotive technician training through instructor led courses technical training manuals and other media with a commitment to continually update this training to stay in step with the ever-changing automotive technology another significant benefit of fast is bringing technicians from all around the city to visit your shop for training so a big thing that comes up all the time like if we provide training to our staff what if they leave the technicians a constant concern for many shop owners is that they spend all this money to train technicians to a high level of proficiency and they'll leave and they'll take a job somewhere else i want to counter you and that worry what if you train them to a high skill level and they stay what would that mean for your auto shop and its ability to diagnose and repair vehicles so let's solve the problem several amazing groups similar to fast have come forward to fill the gaps from time to time in the end though it's the responsibility of every shop owner to do something about the current situation instead of just standing by watching it and talking about it like we've been doing for years shortly we'll be posting a program on the fast website that will provide details of how to run a training program in your shop we'll also have a comprehensive list of exceptionally qualified trainers available in areas around the country i invite you to frequently stop by our website that's with 2ts for updates on the program i also invite you to join the florida automotive service technician training group page on facebook so please come take part in this crucial movement for the benefit of your shop and the whole industry together we can solve this problem thank you